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Winds of change are blowing all through today’s business world. In other words, there’s no choice but to face change –not that there ever really was.  The difference is that today’s business changes are likelier to be felt at all levels, which means that leaders must be prepared to be strong right out of the starting gate and maintain strength and agility. It’s not easy.  Moreover, teams have to work better, and they have to do so under greater pressure. Emerging leaders must be identified and worked with earlier on to prepare them for the challenges that come with leadership positions today.  At the same time, leaders themselves want not only job satisfaction, but also work-life balance. Keeping all the plates spinning is demanding, and Spring Innovative is the key to making it all work. 

As a “real world” hygienist, I spent years practicing what I preach with great  success. I support the practice of the business with financial gain, efficient systems and protocols and INNOVATIVE Hygiene practices.”

Guided Biofilm Therapy Resources

GBT denotes a method of biofilm management inclusive of the use of Air-Flow, Perio-Flow, and Piezon technologies (EMS).